Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Wait

Everydayfind myself waiting..
Waiting... for that DAY
Waiting... for that TIME
Waiting... for that YEAR


Waiting... for that LOVE
Waiting... for that HUSBAND
Waiting... for that PEACE

Just waiting...

On the other hand God has been
Waiting for the DAY that I surrender completly to him
Waiting for that quality TIME with me
Waiting for that YEAR, when I will allow him to manifest his power in my life


Waiting to be my  HUSBAND           
Waiting to LOVE me like no one can
Waiting to give me that PEACE that surpasses all things

Just waiting...

While I'm waiting for life
God is waiting to give me life

The WAIT is over...

The DAY is today
That TIME is now
This is the YEAR
He is my HUSBAND
He is my LOVE
He is my PEACE

I'm done waiting...

Life is worth living TODAY!

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