Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ah ha!!!!!

I am so exited about the power of God's love,grace and mercy over my life. I had a great week-end at the Ancient Path II seminar. There I had a (Ah ha) moment about the power of SHAME! Did you know that shame can ruin your destiny.

It was an handicap for me because it stoped me from prospering. I also found out that alot of the anger that I dealt with in my life had to do with shame. I must say that when I use to think about shame, I would stick to the things that would embarasse me, because I did something wrong. But there is another dimension of shame that is the result of seeds that were planted by others throughout our lives, specially in our childhood. Now that was a shocker!!! Why, well because that is the kind of shame that I did not know existed in me, because they were not related to something that I did or that I was old enough to be responsable for.

I also found out that GUILT is good when used properly because guilt we bring us to the 3 R's (RECOGNIZE, REPENT, & RENOUCE) Then I must let it go and MOVE ON! LOL.

Now I cannot give you all the teaching from Craig Hill but I can tell you this. I am liberated from the power of SHAME and now have the proper tools to guide me whenever SHAME will try to come back my way!!!

Wow!!! Freedommmmmm lol.

Now my dear bloggers how do you deal with shame?
Do you have someone of trust that you can talk too?
Are you willing to seek counselling about things that have gone wrong in your life or things that you are struggling with?

Well you know what! I can tell you that I have been blessed to have had many people around me to express myself. Throughtout the years I went from professionals to ministry counselling, I spoke to familly members, spiritual familly and friends.

I can say one thing for sure. Darkness can not stand the light. The more I walk with God the more I find that he will put the right people on my path to listen to me and to walk me throught the hard moments of my life. I am so greatfull to God for giving the courage to open up my heart.

Well I can hear you now!!! Oh well she is lucky to have so many people to talk too. I do not have anyone. I encourage you to open your eyes and take a good look around you! Sometimes the gift that God has sent you does not come in the wrapping that you would of liked. Ask him to show you who he has placed in your life to walk with you and guide you.

Did I ever get hurt by people that broke my trust? Yes but no matter what I kept on going forward because I know that not talking is giving all the power to darkness! I must add that the first person that I talk to is God. I use to hide things from him until I read THE SHACK. ( A must read) I realized that even though God knows everything, he is also very interested in hearing me speak my heart. So why hide stuff from him lol
I tell him alot lol

He is always right there for me at any given moment I can connect with him. I challenge you to find someone who is always available like him :))
That is why I allow myself to fall in love with him one day at a time.....
That's all she wrote for tonight bloggers ;))

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