Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Today was a good day!

Good evening Bloggers.

Tonight I'm happy. My schedule at work changed so It was my second Day off :) Because of that I was able to take some quality time with God. Something that I was not able to do for a while. My life was going so fast, that I had a hard time to stop.

Ever since I understood that praying was not about a place, a formula or that I did not have to be like anyone else, I do it every day, anywhere at anytime.

That's all good, but once in a while I need to have a date with my God, let me explain.

One of my sister's came with this analogy that I find very interesting. She compares praying with eating.

*I can go to the (Drive tru 5 min)
( Good morning Lord thank you for this or that, help me with this or that....)

*I can go in and have (Fast food 15-20 min)
( Maybe talk to him about something specific, read a psalm, praise...)

*Take time to sit down for (Diner 1 hour)
( Pray , praise,read from a spiritual book , write take time to listen, talk to him about many subjects, meditate on the word, soak in his presence...)

*Go to his Banquet (1hour and more)
( The sky is the limit lol, pray, read, listen in silence , meditate on a verse or on a word, pray for others and for self... the best just stay in his presence and allow him to lead the way)

And today I had a banquet and it was awsome. I had time to praise him, talk to him read from the bible and just be in his presence with almost no interuption. Thank you Lord.

I'm mostly greafull because I was going throught a rough spot were I was not able to enjoy that time with him. There were too many things going through my mind.

But one thing got me going and that was praising him. At first it was hard because my heart was not all there, but the more I praised him, the more I wanted to be in his presence. I started with songs that I knew in order for me to sing my way out!!! After a while the songs became a backdrop to my special time with my God. I was free to be in his presence, free to love him, free to be me, free to laugh, free to express myself and free to hear him talk to me!

Now that was a great start to a great day ;)

Now bloggers how do you feel about your prayer time?
Do you feel presure to performe?
Do you feel that you are having a hard time to be in his presence?
Do you feel like you are more in a routine than anything else?

I encourage you to continue to perserve and to speak your heart to God. His love for you does not change because of the amount of time that you take to pray him. He knows who you are and he is interested in your heart. He rathers has 5min of all of your heart, then 5 hours of fluff! Continue to develop your relationship with him and you will find your special love language with him.He loves to spend time with you!

Have a blessed prayer time!

That's all she wrote for today :))

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